Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Book News, Draft 2

After a long night in "Get the damn thing done" mode. I got the damn thing done. Or at least draft 2 is done. Observations...

Revising sucks. I hated every minute of it (perhaps that's why it took so long?)

I thought revising would take a couple of months, try a year. Poor, poor naive me.

Grammer check in MS word must be turned off, or it will assault you with the green squiggly during any conversation between characters.

I finally bogged MS Word down to the point which it became annoyingly sluggish. Maybe it's my computer.

Gmail is a good offsite storage location.

Read rec.arts.sf.composition or when you need inspiration to get back to writing.

It needs to be read again, since I haven't read it in a long time.

Even though I added and deleted a ton of text, the word count remains steady at 77K.

The end result is much better than what I started with.

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