Thursday, October 28, 2004

The email.

I want to get back to the whole Jamie/Linda/Me trifurcate of hatred that I started in the mop bucket story. This thing festered for quite a while, and my punishment for the whole mop bucket incident was four beady eyes staring me down every time I walked in the door, and one order “Go home, we got plenty of people here. We don’t need you right now.” My paychecks were getting pretty thin.

Now, I wasn’t the sort of guy who really gave a rat’s ass if he gets fired from a pizza place. There are tons of places willing to pay a hard working high school kid minimum wage. But I’m also not the kinda guy who puts up with being pushed around all the time. So it was fine with me if I got fired, but I’d sure as hell better do something to warrant it.

So one fine afternoon, I walked in and was promptly told to go home. The kitchen was a mess, nothing was done, and I had just about had it, so I said, “No. I didn’t come here to do nothing. When my work is done, I’ll go home. Not before.”

Subsequently, I was cussed at, berated, and threatened by Linda, a snaggletoothed redneck who lived in a trailer (no word if it was down by the river or not) and drove a rusty Camero that she considered akin to a Nascar. The kitchen sure looked good though.

She clocked me out that day. It’s illegal, because I was still working, but she did it and then exploded out the door “taking her break”. She literally pushed a family of three out of the way to get to the door she was so steamed. I clocked myself back in and noticed… She had not clocked out! She was paid hourly, left the store, but not clocked out. Something was amiss, so I clocked her out! Yes, Illegal I know, but an eye for an eye…

Later that day, I left (at the end of my shift) before she returned. I heard later, from my friend Derrick, that she had come back and sat around for the whole evening. Then, after closing, she went to clock herself out and found out that she wasn’t clocked in! As you might imagine, she blew her top. Then she developed a conspiracy theory. Her best friend, Jamie, clocked her out to save money. Now, I don’t give her a lot of credit, but I would think that it would seem fairly obvious that I was the one who clocked her out. Apparently not to Linda though, she instead chose to believe that her best friend betrayed her. Oh well, makes for a better story I guess.

Well, Derrick and I surfed over to the website for the pizza chain one day and I decided to write an email explaining all of this to the webmaster. Why would the webmaster care? I bet he didn’t, but he’d surly pass that along. So I wrote about the treatment, the cleanliness of the store, the leaving without clocking out, and especially the knocking over of the customers.

A few days later… Well, it hit the fan, and splattered all over the place. Suzi was the manager that day, she liked me. Not because she actually liked me, but because she liked my girlfriend (who is now my wife) who also worked there. There was nothing wrong with Suzi, she was nice, a good manager, and not corrupt in any way. She related the following to my girlfriend and to this day, we still get Christmas cards from her.

The district manager walked in with my email, printed out, name and everything, and commenced to have a one hour meeting between Suzi, Jamie, Linda, and himself. Suzi, not a big Jamie/Linda fan, was silently pleased by all of this, while Linda and Jamie secretly decided that I might sue them, so they better be nice to me from that point on and bottle up their wrath. Whatever the district manager said, it must have been scary.

From that point on, they were sickenly nice to me. It was disgusting. They wanted to have idle chit-chat with me all the time and let me know how great I was doing. I longed for the days of foul mouthed cuss-a-thons and threats. It didn’t last too long though

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