Friday, November 19, 2004

Just Try to Find Me!

One evening, as I was mopping the floor, I noticed the salad bar girl taking a break, canister of broccoli still in hand, watching the end of the Braves game on the big screen. I mopped my way over there, probably to make some sarcastic comment about getting back to work.

I then proceeded to start a conversation which would come back to bite me in the ass a million times. It went a little something like this...

Me: "You like baseball?"
Her: "Yea!"
Me: "You like the Indians?"
Her: "No, they suck."
Me: "They suck? I bet you 100 dollars that they go to the world series in ten years."
Her: "Okay, 100 bucks."
Me: "Just try to find me in ten years..."

There is two things about that conversation that really backfired for me. First of all, what I meant when I said, "in ten years", was that they would simply go to the world series within ten years, not in exactly ten years. That little syntactical error might have very well cost me 100 dollars, because in 2004, the Indians didn't even come close to making it.

The second issue is when I incorrectly guessed that finding me in ten years would be a particularly difficult thing to do. Turns out, that was a bad calculation on my part. She found me. In fact, she didn’t have to look very hard at all, since we live in the same house.

Yes, that's right, I owe my wife 100 bucks!

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