Tuesday, February 08, 2005


I recently finished a book called Coraline, by Neil Gaiman. It waited patiently for me to finish my obligation to Neal Stephenson and his speed bump sized books. It waited patiently for me to work my way though another Michael Crichton book that seemed like something I'd read at least tem times before. It even waited patiently while Lemony Snicket made me wollow in the grief of the Baudelaire orphans. Then it could be patient no more. I read it.

I read it in two nights. A book like this should only be read at night by the way. At night in a dark room by candlelight, so dark flickering shadows draw your attention to the mysterious spector waiting in the corner to steal your sole.

This book was fantastic. It takes you to that world that only Gaiman can create, where nothing is ordinary and nothing is expected. I hesitate to describe it, because I cannot. But do yourself and your kids a favor and go buy this book and read it too them... At night... In bed...


Anonymous said...

Im reading the book now.Its a great book and full of suspense.I would recommend it to anyone really because it is so good at keeping you guessing about whats going to happen next.

Anonymous said...

Coroline is a amazing book.One night the electricity went off and i read it in candel light.I was ina completely diffrent world.You need this book!