Monday, March 01, 2010

Vibram Five Fingers

I've been running in these babies for a while now. I'm up to roughly 7 or 8 miles in them, on pavement, and I can say that I do not miss the technology I usually wear on my feet when running! It's amazing how different you run, instinctually, when not wearing shoes!


justin said...

Nice! So what made you decide on getting the KSO Treks for street running over say just the regular KSOs?

justin @ birthdayshoes (unofficial vff fan site)

tfandango said...

Hi Justin, I did a lot of reading on your site before I bought them. Several reasons for Trek over regular: 1) they were a bit more comfortable than the sprint's I tried on. 2) I plan to do some trail running here in the summer. And most importiantly, 3) They didn't have my size in regular KSOs.

I wear them a lot at the gym on the treadmill when it's too nasty outside (very frequently lately). I'm starting to see a few other people start wearing them there too.

Thanks for stopping by!