Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Embassy Suites, Livestrong 5K

Broke through the 25 minute mark in my last 5K, ran it in 23:37. I didn't think that would be possible this summer, since my prior best time was in the 26 minute ballpark. Yet fate intervened, or maybe caffeine failed to intervene, and I did something that dramatically increased my time. I forgot the GPS.

I love my Garmin 305. And I love having all the numbers to crunch from all my runs (except treadmill runs). And I'd really love to have the PR saved on disk in perpetuity. But something interesting happens to pace obsessed watch watchers like myself, when you run a race watchless.

I'm always adjusting my pace based off previous experience, "I better slow down, can't keep this pace up" or "Speed up, going to slow". Instead, I'm just running. I turned the corner and saw the clock ticking upwards of 22 minutes and I thought, "WTF? Short course?". But no, I just ignorantly ran faster than usual.

Like I said, I love this thing, and I'll wear it in whatever race comes next, but I'll make a pact with myself not to look until after I cross the finish line.

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