Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Second box on the left and straight on till morning!

Every week, our store would receive a shipment of supplies. Usually, this consisted of pepperoni, noodles, flour, cheese (lots and lots of cheese!), and so on. The guy who drives the truck, having first donned his weight lifter's belt, hauls boxes and boxes of the stuff in on his little cart and leaves the kitchen looking like a poorly organized warehouse.

The manager then delegates picking the crap up and putting it away to someone who already has too much work to do. This person is called the Unfortunate.

The Unfortunate puts all the supplies in their proper place. Whenever I was designated as Unfortunate, I pillaged the Lost and Found box for something warm to wear, because you will be spending a lot of time in the walk in freezer. Then end result of all the Unfortunate's hard work, is a crapload of boxes. The boxes need to be "cut up", which means ripping the seams out and folding them flat so they didn't take up too much room in the dumpster.

One day, my friend Aaron and I decided to try something a little different.

We pulled his old Ford Ranger up to the back door, and tossed all the un "cut up" boxes into the bed. Then we drove to the dumpster, jumped out, and built a 8 foot high by 10 foot wide, cardboard wall! It wasn't windy, so it stood there pretty well. Then, just as the Friday night rush started to show up, we got back in the truck and backed up quite a bit.

Revving the engine garnered us some attention from the hoard of kids on their way in to make a huge mess. Then we gunned it and rammed through the wall at 30 mph! Boxes flew everywhere, he felt like movie heroes that drive through whatever they feel like. It was awesome! And the kids loved it.

Then, we spent 30 minutes picking up pieces of boxes.

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