Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Draft #2... Read and Red.

Finished reading draft number two of “the book” yesterday.  If I were posting this on Usenet, I would be required to use the standard writer’s acronym WIP, or “Work In Progress”.  However, in this case, I think that’s overdoing it a bit, seeing as how nobody actually reads this site anyway…


Anyway, I found it to be free of major plot holes!  That’s a big step up from draft one!  I mostly identified a lot of grammar and punctuation mistakes (turns out I ALWAYS use “it’s”, no matter what).  And there’s one character development arc that I completely forgot about.  The climatic ending needs a little more text associated with it.  But all in all, it read pretty good.


I’ll be fixing the red inked portions of the MS (Manuscript for those non writers out there) and I hope to be done by January sometime!  Yay!  Then I can say I actually finished something.

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