Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Want A Screw?

I remember the first day of junior high school. For me, it started off with a bang! It was a very nervous time for a kid like me, the merging of the three elementary schools in our district meant that there was an ever greater number of cool kids to contend with. The night before I promised myself that I'd be more outgoing in junior high than I had been in elementary school. I was going to be less shy, more talkative, and dog-gone-it, I was going to be cool.

So I found myself standing next to my locker, which just happened to be adjacent to one of the most popular girls in the school. She'd go on to be a cheerleader for sure. That was my chance, so I seized the day.

I pretended to be scrouging about in my locker while I tried desperatly to think of something to say. There was a patch of rust in the back, and a few screws had fallen out of the metal on top of my locker. I inspected them as I racked my mind. For whatever reason, perhaps fearing the quickly evaporating timespan in which to speak, I picked up a tiny screw, looked over at her and offered it up, cupped in my left hand.

"Wanna screw?" I said.

The hallway fell silent. Not only had I, the shy kid, spoken to a popular girl, but the first thing I'd done is ask her to have sex with me infront of the entire hallway on the first day of school.

I learned my lesson that day. If you're shy, go with it.

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