Friday, January 21, 2005

11 Trillion?

Where does President Bush get his 11 Trillion dollar Social Security shortfall estimate from? Are we young workers going to get shafted when it comes to Social Security unless changes are made? Well, let's look at the real numbers, see this article (complete with references, imagine that?) It's not as bad as you are being led to believe.


ChadBradley said...

The article said that the estimated shortfall over the next 75 years would be $3.7 trillion.

Isn't that bad enough to do something to fix it?

tfandango said...

Sure. But 3.7 Trillion is not 11 Trillion. Moreover, 3.7 Trillion over 75 years can be saved in many, many, (many etc.) ways besides drastically revamping the system and misleading everyone to make it seem like social security is on the brink of destruction.

ChadBradley said...

Well please share some of the ways! The US is already over $7.6 trillion in debt right now.

tfandango said...

Well, let's see. We can start by not pissing it all into that shithole called Iraq for one. No good will ever come of our efforts in Iraq (note: no I'm not defaming any soldiers in this post in case anyone wants to read that into it). We're just poking the animals with sticks now.

Trim the fat out of the government and you'll have 3.7 Trillion dollars over 75 years.

But the real point of the original post is that the 11 Trillion dollar figure is untrue. You yourself admit, after reading the article, that it's 3.7 Trillion. Yet you don't seem to have any problems with the fact that the president says 11 because it sounds worse. It's a lie. You are being lied to and you don't even care.